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Facebook Year In Review 2013

My Meh 2013 According to Facebook – Part 1


A few weeks back I got the friendly notification from Facebook that my Year in Review was available. I happily clicked it remembering the fun I’d had reliving 2012. My expected joy quickly turned to horror.

There, rotating in Facebook’s photo montage, were a handful of images of some fun but not extremely exciting times in my life.

Facebook Year In Review 2013

A friend’s going away party? (sad) Gainesville Fashion Week? (not exactly NYC) Being accosted by a giant Gene Simmons look-alike? (enough said) A Red Sox game at Fenway Park?

Okay, that last one was amazing actually, but in comparison to my 2012 milestones of piloting a plane for the first time, trips to London and Brussels, and the Superhero Scramble obstacle course race I completed, 2013’s montage was pathetic!

I then quickly scrolled through my so-called 2013 “biggest moments on Facebook,” oh so carefully selected based on popularity. Among mine were:

  • Watching Big Bang Theory. Not sure what to make of the fact that Sheldon shares my disdain for birds. He said to the child who shared our opinion of their creepiness, “Most people don’t see it.”
  • Devil, thy name is Girl Scout Cookies. You may be the death of me!
  • T-minus 4 days to Gator football. Very excited!!

What the?!? Really? That’s what you got for me, Facebook? Was I, and my 2013, actually that lame? (Up until that point, I thought it had been a pretty good year.)

Dejected and running late for a hair appointment, I slammed shut my laptop and headed out. When my hairstylist asked how I was doing, I slunk into the chair and replied, “Well, apparently I’m boring. And p.s. Facebook can suck it!”

She laughed, and then we proceeded to discuss the pros and cons of social networks and all of the silly pleasures and pressures that can come with them.

Blah, blah, blah. An analysis of the psychology of online communications is not what this story is about.

This is about what happened a few days later, when in self-masochistic style, I revisited my Year in Review.

To be continued in “My Meh 2013 According to Facebook – Part 2”

(This post was prompted, in part, by the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! and Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog.)

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