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Celebrating My First 10K

My Meh 2013 According to Facebook – Part 2


…continued from “My Meh 2013 According to Facebook Part 1”

Sitting on my couch, a glass of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc in hand (and another one already in my belly), I clicked on my Facebook 2013 Year in Review for the second time.

I cringed once again at the selection of photos rotating at the top. Most were boring. Many were unflattering. Only one reflected what I thought was truly memorable from the past year.

Then I inhaled deeply and took another look at what followed. That’s when I discovered that Facebook had indeed highlighted many of the events I thought were most significant, like the arrival my good friend Jodi’s baby, my luxurious work trip to Laguna Niguel, and my over-exuberant reaction to finishing my first 10K.

Celebrating My First 10K

But more importantly, there in front of me were dozens of other snippets from the year that I wouldn’t have thought about on my own.

The hilariously happy look on my coworker’s face after his first roller-coaster ride in 20 years, or the unexpected double rainbow that so graciously greeted me after an exhausting day of weather-delayed flights.

Double Rainbow

A perfect day kayaking down the Santa Fe River, or delicious mimosas with my besties in late December, when God bless Florida, the weather was still perfect for an outdoor brunch in sundresses.

Outdoor Brunch with My Besties in December

So as cheesy as it sounds, I suddenly had a new-found appreciation for all of the little moments of 2013 and for the sometimes unexpected ways social platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WordPress – can help us capture, remember and cherish them.

I immediately recanted my desire to sic Sylvester Stallone (Rambo-style) on the developer of the Year In Review application, and I re-fell in love with 2013.

That said, I must confess that I also downed the rest of my wine and vowed to make next year even cooler. Cheers to 2014!

(This post was prompted, in part, by the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! and Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog.)

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