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Good Luck? Bad Luck? What Luck!


A few weeks ago, I posted D’oh!, an embarrassing confession about how I included a typo in the domain name I reserved for Awkward Laughter. Day 21 of Zero to Hero (I’m playing catchup) challenged us to revisit that post and expand upon it.

Rereading D’oh! got me thinking about the unexpected ways life unfolds. Maggie from The Zombies Ate My Brains commented:

“That’s actually quite sublime! The universe knows what it’s doing sometimes, don’t you think? Thanks for sharing!”

I agree.

I often joke that I have the worst and best luck of anyone I know. Fellow Seinfeld fans may recall the “Even Steven” episode. When I watched it I thought, yep, that’s my life.

Another Embarrassing Example
One Gator football weekend, several of my college buddies traveled in for the game. I love playing host, so I invited them to stay with me. We went out that first night and, reliving our school days, put our livers to the test.

After getting a ride to my house I discovered that I didn’t have my house key. In fact, my entire purse was empty, no doubt dumped somewhere along our pub crawl. Ugh!

Fortunately, another local friend was with us, and she graciously agreed to let us crash at her place. Some would call that lucky…but my true reversal of misfortunes came the next morning.

My friend Darien, scrolling through images from the previous night, landed on a picture of us outside of the cab.

“Kim, I think I found your stuff.”

There in the corner of the photo is what looked to be the contents of my purse.

While none in our group held out much hope that it would still be there, after all hundreds of people would have strolled right past it, I thought it was worth a 10-minute drive to find out.

As we turned the corner to the parking lot, the car exploded with laughter.

There, like a still life framed in pavement, sat my cell phone, driver’s license, ATM card, and keys, neatly piled with a few dollars poking out of the corner.

This is just one example of why I rarely get stressed anymore when life goes awry. Things always seem to work out in the end, and I usually get a good story to boot. What luck, indeed!

Have you had a similar experience? How do you react when “bad luck” comes your way?

2 thoughts on “Good Luck? Bad Luck? What Luck!

  1. Hey! That’s me! Glad to have been part of this. Guess what? I thought I had watched every Seinfeld episode at least five times… this one I don’t recall! Thanks for the mention!


    • Oh, boy, Maggie. Glad I could reintroduce you to a Seinfeld episode, and I must say that the name of your blog is fantastic! Not only because I’m a “Walking Dead” fan, but because I often act as if zombies ate my brains. 🙂


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