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Hand Washing Sign

An Unexpected Delivery


Last night I got what I’ll call an unexpected (and unwanted) delivery. Working late at home on a Friday night, tired and famished, I ordered in.

When my doorbell rang, my stomach greeted the driver with a happy growl and somersaulted over the sweet, savory smell. Yum!

Then I opened the box. There, atop my sandwich, appeared two fliers.

Dinner in a Box

Yuck! They appalled me for two distinct, yet related, reasons.

As a marketing and PR professional, I’m always searching for opportunities to highlight my employer. It’s my job to find new, creative ways to achieve this and cross-promote our partners. But it’s also my responsibility to edit myself and recognize inappropriate product placements.

My gut said that this was an example of advertising run amok. The why stems from my next point.

As a consumer, with knowledge of how dirty a printing press can be, the thought of these leaflets touching my dinner disgusted me.

I envisioned a new set of signs for restaurant bathrooms.

Hand Washing Sign

Photo credit: mensatic from

While not a germaphobe, I do live by some standards of cleanliness (ignore my messy car and dining room table). I knew the 15- to 30-minute drive to deliver my meal far exceeded the 10-second rule I apply to clumsily dropped morsels of deliciousness.

I’ve become accustomed to ads printed or affixed to the box, but on my food? Please, no!

Ever the optimist, I looked for a positive take on this experience. I’m choosing consider it divine intervention.

One of the ads promoted an upcoming running event in my town. Perhaps this was just God’s way of saying, “Kim, stop ordering unhealthy food, quit working so darn much, and get your arse to the gym?”

But I would also argue that the marathon marketeers missed the lesson on “know your target audience.” Philly cheese steak sandwiches are mouth-watering, but they’re hardly the breakfasts/dinners of champions.

(Editor’s note: I ate the sandwich anyway, and enjoyed every last bite. If it’s harmed me, the effects must be delayed. I’m still alive 24 hours later.)

What do you think? Does the flier-food placement bother you, or am I just nuts? If you choose the latter, please be kind.

17 thoughts on “An Unexpected Delivery

  1. I totally agree! That is gross! Even if the flyers were electronically packaged and only touched by the gloved hands of the person who boxed your sandwich, you still don’t put paper and ink on top of a hot sandwich (or really, anything, but the fact that your meal was heating the paper doesn’t help, right?).

    Sidenote: I do love Domino’s. 😀


  2. Disgusting! I love Philly cheese steaks. Do you know that elsewhere they are called steak and cheese sandwiches? I wonder if this was a mistake. I can’t imagine anyone who owns a place that serves food defiling it with advertisements. I might give the owner a call to let him know my disappointment. Again, disgusting! I don’t think I could have eaten it.


    • Robin, I have to confess that I ate in anyway. My hunger overcame any disgust I felt. And I have to admit that they might not advertise it as a Philly cheese steak sandwich….it definitely wasn’t traditional. The use of that term might just be me projecting high hopes on my dinner.


  3. Ewwww. I would have felt compelled to microwave the meal to trade one germ for a different unhealthy option in order to sterilize it. And I’d like to think I’d call to let them know it was gross, but I’d probably just do one of my personal boycotts of the place.

    I enjoyed reading this!


    • Haha! Microwaving would probably have been a good alternative. I just snapped a photo, ate it anyway, and then decided it would make an entertaining post.

      I’m assuming decisions like this are made at the franchise level? And in the local owner’s defense (I think owns all stores in this area) , he’s an amazing philanthropist who makes a huge difference in our community. This was just a marketing misstep in my opinion.


  4. Ick. That is so, so wrong! I would definitely call and let them know that’s NOT okay. I would still eat it though, because I am disgusting.


  5. I hope you called the store and complained. Plus, I think you should send the photo to corporate or even Tweet this post to them. I think if you explain that you are a loyal but disappointed customer, they will do something to make it up to you.


    • I admit that I didn’t. Instead, I snapped a photo, ate the sandwich anyway and decided it would make a funny story. I’m a PR manager’s nightmare. That said, I think I will reach out locally and let them know that this might not be the best idea moving forward.


  6. I agree it’s digusting, but I’d gladly put up with it if they’d deliver to my oasis here in egypt!


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  8. Hahaha. Oh, and they’re hiring – great news!


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