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Thin Mints

What’s Your Sweakness?


Yep! I just made up that word, a cross between sweet and weakness. Indulge me.

I’m not really a sweet-tooth person. I prefer savory foods any day. That said, I do have a handful of “sweaknesses.” One rears it’s ugly head every March thanks to those darn Girl Scout cookies.

Two varieties top my list: Thin Mints and Samoas (known as Caramel Delights in some regions). The former, I devour in no time – a sleeve in 10 minutes flat. The latter, I savor one at a time over days. Both might be the death of me!

Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (Girl Scouts of the USA)

On Saturday, I broke down, after more than a month’s hiatus, and made the trek to the grocery store – something I dread. Low and behold, those cute little green monsters, armed with their boxes o’ goodness, greeted me at the door.

“Look away,” my health nut cried out. “Head straight for the ATM,” my cookie monster raged. Sesame-Street self prevailed, and I walked away with four boxes: a reasonable 3:1 Thin Mints/Samoa ratio.

I devoted one year of my childhood as a Brownie, never achieving the glory of the green sash. Given the brevity of my Girl Scout-ish tenure, I’m amazed by the details I recall: the layout of our troop leader’s house, the awkward hill on which my mom parked one night when joining our meeting, and the horrifying story of the founder, who lost hearing in one ear after a piece of rice thrown during her wedding celebration lodged in it.

In hindsight, that last part may be why I’ve never wanted a formal wedding.

Anyway, the Brownies taught me how to fold the American flag, to roller skate using both feet to power forward, and to make new friends but keep the old (one is silver, the other is gold).

Ultimately, I learned that I simply wasn’t a badge-earning type of gal and quit.

Thirty-odd years later, I wonder if my lack of enthusiasm then isn’t haunting me now. Perhaps there’s a curse of the would-be Girl Scout that urges me to love their cookies so?

Whatever the cause, one month out of the year I embrace my addiction and enjoy every last morsel!

What’s your sweakness? And do you believe the devil might actually wear green, not Prada?

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Sweakness?

  1. My brother-in-law is a British national and just discovered Girl Scout cookies. He just about lost his mind. They’re not meant to be resisted.


  2. Oh Yes, Sweaknesses! The Butterscotch Squares in a See’s Candy box. Now I’m wondering if it’s curse related as well. They’re too much, I’ll eat them to sickness and till my teeth hurt, so I limit myself to Christmas and Valentines

    Sweet Thoughts Today


  3. My sweeknesses? Ice-cream (hagan dad’s chocolate- chocolate chip! ) and chocolate ( white preferably!) and mangoes…


  4. Hi, Kim
    I’m catching up on your blog tonight. (Thanks for the laughs!)
    Those are my two faves as well, but I’ll eat the whole box of Samoas at once. Thin mints at least have that inner sleeve, giving the second stack a chance.
    Joe bought three boxes of cookies this year. He ordered them. They were delivered to the house. Not one was either of these! Seriously. How is that possible? Shouldn’t every order form begin with Thin Mints? It should just be assumed you want those. Additional boxes may vary 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Jenny – I have many opinions but no answers to your questions. Thin Mints are, by definition, the default order, right? They are brilliant in both their deliciousness and their delivery (sleeve-by-sleeve). Samoas have a more incremental delightfulness, but again, a given in the order. Any others are bonus items. Darn, Girl Scouts, and their creative marketing about frivolous cookie purchases. 🙂


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