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My Apologies for Errant Blog Post


Last night, in a sleep-deprived state of stupidity, I accidentally published a roughest of rough drafts of “Take the Leap: 30 30-Somethings.” Unfortunately, I didn’t discover my mistake until this morning, while I was traveling and didn’t have access to a computer.

I desperately tried to clean up the post using the phone app. Impossible! I then opted to change the post status back to “draft” in an attempt to hide it.

Photo credit: jdurham from

Photo credit: jdurham from

Given that I’m not sure of the ramifications of all of those actions, here’s my three-pronged apology:

  1. I’m sorry if you read any of those earlier versions. They did not represent the quality of writing that I try to deliver.
  2. I’m sorry if you clicked on the post link via email or a social network and got a “Page Not Found” message.
  3. I’m sorry if when I just republished the post, you got a duplicate email notification.

I’m extremely embarrassed, but I learned a valuable lesson. As is the case with driving drowsy, blogging while tired is dangerous!

But since I can’t erase my screw up, we might as well have a discussion about it. Have you made a similar blogging error? If so, how did you correct it?


4 thoughts on “My Apologies for Errant Blog Post

  1. Yep! I think we’ve all done it, or will eventually. I got an email for it, but didn’t get a chance to read, the rough draft of the post, but I just read the revised version and loved it!


    • Whew! I’m glad you didn’t read it. It was just an incoherent series of words and phrases that I vomited onto the page so I wouldn’t forget my ideas. Really embarrassing! Thanks for checking out the revised version and providing the positive feedback!


  2. Oh yeah. I’ve done that. It felt horrible but I never confessed to it. Got the post revised and reposted. For awhile there I experienced quite a bit of anxiety. But we are just human beings here doing the best we can.
    I saw a therapist once, long time ago, and in our first session he farted. He was SO embarrassed. I told him it made him seem more human. I was able to open up better about my deepest stuff. Later, he put that episode in a book he wrote. Haha.


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