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What’s Your Weirdest Search Term?


Two weeks ago today, Awkward Laughter crossed a milestone – 1,000 followers. Yippee!

I celebrated like any self-professed nerd would; I geeked out on stats. But my efforts to Excel-erise them got sidetracked when I noticed the crazy list of words and phrases folks used to find this site.


A Whole Lot of Hugging
Given my aversion to awkward embraces, as highlighted in “The Pat, Pat, Pat and Other Thoughts on Hugging,” I can’t help but laugh at these search terms:

  • Holding on to a hug
  • I’ll hug you like you never been hugged like this before

Sorry. You stumbled across the wrong blog. But on the other hand:

  • He hugs me with a pat
  • Patting my back while I try to hug him
  • Awkward things to say when hugging

That’s more like it. I’ve got your answers here.

Feline Fun
My post about a guy I refused to date because he had angel cats on his checks (An Open Letter to Cat-Check Boy) remains one my favorites, so it thrilled me to see plenty of related searches, especially these:

  • F U cat  (Taking grumpy cat to the next level?)
  • Back check boy  (Perhaps the post-wax quality-control person at a coed salon?)
  • Awkward guy with cat (Exactly!)

Courtesy of

The Naked Truth
When I chose the somewhat provocative title “Tale of a Nearly Naked Neighbor,” I had no idea of the full extent of people’s freakiness, especially in the “privacy” of their own searches:

  • My neighbor is naked
  • Naked neighbor blog
  • Naked with neighbor
  • My naked dad

I could go on and on here. I uncovered dozens of similar variations of search terms, which brings me to the weirdest one to date:

  • Neighbor makes me be naked

Umm, if that’s the case, please skip Google and my blog. It’s time to call 911…or perhaps the Neighborhood Watch!

Bizarre searches provide yet another unexpected reason to love blogging. To everyone who’s followed Awkward Laughter, commented on, liked or shared a story, or typed any of the comical phrases above to find me, thank you for being awkward!

How about you? What’s the weirdest search term that’s driven readers to your blog? Or if you don’t blog, what’s the strangest result that’s come up unexpectedly during a search?

(This series appears every other Wednesday. In these posts, I pose a random “What’s Your _______?” question, reveal my answers, and revel in your responses.)


2 thoughts on “What’s Your Weirdest Search Term?

  1. I don’t have any weird searches…I think? But just wanted to congratulate you on your milestone! Great job!


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